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Drain Service

Offering Services for Drain Cleaning in Cambridge Ontario

Clearing clogged drains is one of our most common repair services. A drain doesn’t have to be completely blocked for serious problems to occur. If the water isn’t flowing freely, this minor clog is still affecting your pipes and starting the harmful buildup of debris. Call to consult with John L Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for drain cleaning in Cambridge, Ontario. Get in touch today to upgrade your plumbing and drainage systems to be more efficient, using only the best materials from leading manufacturers.

The sewer and drain cleaning services John L Plumbing and Drain Cleaning offers include:

Main line stoppages

Kitchen stoppages

Bath and shower stoppages

Clean-out installation

Floor drain cleaning

Smoke testing, odor locating

Drain cleaning and repair

Main line cleaning

Sewer pipe inspection and cleaning

Video sewer inspection and locating

And much more!

If the drain in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room has any sort of blockage, it displays warning signs of a problem. Look out for puddles of water near fixtures or foul odours coming from the drain. 


Water may also pool or make a gurgling noise as it drains. Contact John L Plumbing and Drain Cleaning when you see any of these signs. Book an in-home consultation with us in Cambridge Ontario.

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